Arthritis Treatment in Jaipur

Arthritis Treatment In Jaipur

Have you noticed symptoms like pain in one or both legs or limping while walking? A crackling sound while stretching your hands and legs can also be an indication that you are suffering from osteoarthritis. Get the best arthritis treatment in Jaipur and cure all major types of arthritis for healthy and properly working joints. Arthritis can be recognized as a condition in which joint inflammation occurs accompanied by pain, stiffness and swelling in the joints. One of the most common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis while the major rheumatic conditions associated with arthritis can be identified as Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), gout and fibromyalgia.

In arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, the bone cartilage breaks down. The cartilage is a hard, slippery tissue that primarily covers the bone ends and thus, forms a joint. In Rheumatoid arthritis, the immune system attacks the lining of joints that causes significant damage to the joints. Several risk factors are responsible for the disease which includes hereditary or family history, any prior joint injury, age, being overweight and the gender. Thus, we provide arthritis treatment in Jaipur after analyzing the real cause and the risk factor that is responsible for the occurrence of the disease.

Moreover, arthritis can lead to major complications if not treated timely. It can lead to hand and arm deformity which can result in significant problems in doing routine work. On the other hand, if arthritis has affected your weight-bearing joints such as knee or ankle joint, it can hamper your walking as well as problems in sitting and standing correctly. If excessive pressure is applied to these joints, they can be twisted and further deformities might be developed. Are you a woman in your late forties? You might be at a higher risk for the disease as compared to males.

Identify the risk factor of Arthritis and get the best arthritis treatment in Jaipur

The treatment of arthritis depends on the type of arthritis from which the patient is suffering. For the successful arthritis treatment in Jaipur, we aim at the correct diagnosis of the disease. Our orthopedic doctors conduct a complete physical examination of the patient based on symptoms like swollen joints and loss of movement. X-ray and blood test procedures are recommended in case the person is diagnosed with certain particular symptoms of arthritis. For instance, if you are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, your blood sample will reveal rheumatoid factors (RF) that is indicative of the disease. The treatment of arthritis comprises of a combination of activities such as rest, exercise, physical or occupational therapy, along with surgical procedures for correcting the joint damage. The treatments help in relieving the pain and stiffness but the disease does not go in one hand. The physical therapies provided by our therapy specialists help in avoiding certain types of arthritis. These exercises help in strengthening the movement of the muscles that surround the joints. If arthritis has advanced to a higher stage, our orthopedic surgeons can also recommend patients to undergo surgical treatments such as joint repair, joint replacement, and joint fusion.

In the joint repair, we align the joint surfaces to improve functionality. Arthroscopy is one of the common procedures adopted for joint repair surgery and it is performed by making small incisions over the affected joint. On the other hand, joint replacement surgery is recommended to those patients whose joints have been completely damaged. Thus, the damaged joints are surgically replaced with artificial joints. Hip and knee joints are the two major joints that are treated through joint replacement surgery. In addition to this, smaller joints such as fingers, wrist, and ankle are treated by procedures like a joint fusion in which the surgeons remove the ends of the two bones and further, those ends are locked for the time till the joints do not heal into a single unit.

Apart from medications and surgical procedures, significant changes in lifestyle are also one of the effective ways to treat arthritis with the best arthritis treatment in Jaipur. Excessive weight can exert pressure on your joints and thus, you should avoid being obese. This will reduce your risk of any future joint-related injury and will enhance your mobility.