Fracture Treatment in Jaipur

Fracture Treatment In Jaipur

Are you diagnosed with a broken bone and looking for the best fracture treatment in Jaipur? One of the most commonly found orthopedic injuries, the broken bones can be recognized as a condition where the continuity of the bone is affected. A bone fracture can occur due to multiple reasons such as any major stress or high force impact on the bone. Certain kinds of medical conditions and chronic illness also result in the weakening of the bones such as osteoporosis, any type of bone cancer. The bone fracture can vary from hairline fractures to major cracks in bones that result in the breaking of bone in multiple pieces. The orthopedicians find it quite difficult to properly align bone in case of multiple fractures.

The fracture might be accompanied by other injuries such as dislocations, sprains or strains that adversely impact the movement of the patient. To provide the best fracture treatment in Jaipur, the doctor treating the fracture looks for several symptoms that indicate that the person has suffered a fracture. Some common signs and symptoms of the fractured bone are as follows:

  • A broken bone is visible in the skin through the wound
  • A pop or snap sound heard at the time of injury
  • Bruising and swelling in the affected area
  • A rise in pain on movement or when pressure is applied to the specific area
  • A potential bend in the bone where there is an absence of joint

The recovery time of fracture may range from a few weeks to months depending on the patient’s age and health conditions. Other factors that affect the recovery of the broken bone includes the area affected, the severity of the fracture along with other minor injuries that can further complicate the fracture treatment.

Best fracture treatment in Jaipur is possible with our expert orthopedic doctors

At our Clinic, we provide fracture treatment for all major bones and joints such as knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint along with bone fractures related to hands, legs, spine, and other body organs. Our fracture treatment in Jaipur initiates by undertaking a complete diagnosis of bone fracture with procedures like x-ray, CT Scan, and MRI Scan. In the case of minor or hairline fractures, the broken bones heal on their own but the medical treatment ensures proper alignment of the bone so that your bones can regain the sensitivity, strength, and movement. In the case of complicated fractures, surgical traction or surgery can be the most suitable treatment that can be suggested for joining the breaking bone.

Our orthopedic doctors suggest for fracture management with conventional techniques like immobilization that is done with the help of casts, splints, slings, and braces. Cast immobilization is one of the widely adopted procedures that utilize material like POP to form the casts that are wrapped around the fractured bone and allowed to harden. The patient is required to take proper care during this duration to avoid any further injury. An important precaution to be kept in mind while using cast immobilization is that the broken bone should be aligned correctly so that the best outcomes can be achieved. Further treatment can be suggested in case the current alignment is insufficient to set the broken bone.

In addition to this, in the case of trauma or severe bone injury, we adopt the surgical method of bone treatment. The site of the fracture is surgically opened and thereafter, the alignment of bone fragments and tissues takes place to hold them in the proper place. The type of fracture treatment is highly preferred in the condition when fractures are improperly aligned and joint fractures are not able to regain their proper alignment.

After the successful fracture treatment in Jaipur, it is recommended that the patient should take the care necessary care of the broken part for a minimum of six months. In case of severe injury, it might take one to two years to fully recover from the fracture. Further, for a better and healthy recovery, muscle strengthening exercises are suggested along with balancing exercises regularly so that you can ensure optimum movement of the injured bone and the affected area. Try to avoid sudden trauma like falls and accidental injuries that can exert greater pressure on your bones.