Frozen Shoulder Treatment in Jaipur

Frozen Shoulder Treatment In Jaipur

Do you experience pain in the shoulder while lifting your hand? There is a high possibility that you are suffering from pain disorders like a frozen shoulder. But you can cure this pain with the frozen shoulder treatment in Jaipur provided by our expert orthopedic doctors. Frozen shoulder can be identified as the common shoulder joint disorder that results in stiffness and pain in the shoulder. The shoulder joint in medical terminology is referred to as the ball and socket joint and comprises of the collarbone, upper arm, and the shoulder blade. How can you detect this kind of pain? One of the easiest ways to identify the pain is the stiffness and pain that develops gradually, gets worse and thereafter it finally disappears.

Although the pain and stiffness are one of the most common symptoms of frozen shoulder, frozen shoulder treatment in Jaipur is provided after identifying the specific phase of the pain disorder. Generally, if the patient is suffering from this pain, he or she can experience a dull or achy pain in one of the shoulders. Further, pain can also be felt in the muscles that wrap the top of the arm and the pain sensations can be felt in the upper arm also. The patient might also find it difficult to sleep at night due to the pain. The frozen shoulder does not occur suddenly and the person will pass the following three phases and in each stage, the person observes distinct symptoms.

The three common stages are recognized as the freezing stage, the frozen stage and the unfreezing stage. In the freezing phase, the person develops severe pain in the shoulder which is experienced whenever any movement is made. The pain gradually develops and can affect more at night and can last between six to nine months. The pain limits your shoulder movement to a certain action. In the second stage or the frozen stage, your pain might be reduced but you have a kind of stiffness in the shoulder that impacts your daily and routine activities. This condition might last up to four to twelve months. The third stage or the last stage is the unfreezing phase wherein the person gradually regains her shoulder movement to normal. This kind of recovery may range from six months to two years.

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To assess the pain and stiffness in the shoulder, our orthopedic doctors recommend you to undergo a complete physical examination. This will help in assessing the range of motion that your shoulder can have. Further, touching the opposite shoulder with the hand whose shoulder is affected by the disorder, can reveal the degree of pain. Other diagnostic procedures used to detect the problem includes an X-ray procedure along with MRI testing. MRI is helpful because it can help in identifying other problems like arthritis and rotator cuff that can also be a potential reason for pain and limits the movement.

The frozen shoulder treatment primarily aims at controlling the shoulder pain as well as preserving the shoulder movement as much as possible. Thus, the treatment is a combination of the medication, therapy along with surgical and non-surgical treatment. The medications include pain management through pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin. These anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs can help in reducing the inflammation and the pain associated with the frozen shoulder. We suggest a therapy in case, the pain can be tolerated and can be overcome through a range of exercises that aim at improving the shoulder mobility. Thus, for optimizing therapy outcomes, you should be committed to these exercises and therapies.

In extreme conditions, while providing the frozen shoulder treatment in Jaipur, we offer a wide range of surgical treatments such as steroid injections, surgeries like shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder manipulation, and joint distension. In the initial stages, corticosteroid injections can be given for reducing shoulder pain and improving the mobility of the shoulder. This is quite significant in the initial phases of the shoulder pain. In addition to this, we recommend that the patient suffering from frozen shoulder pain should avoid lifting heavy weights and other activities that can enhance your pain to the manifold.